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How do you convince a client that he should buy a product that solves a problem he is not aware of? 

Blockchain is a really young concept and there is a lot of educational work behind marketing a project in this industry. Interviewed by Robert Plank, from Originstamp, we went through some of the challenges blockchain companies face with marketing and how Luna Vision can help them.

One of these challenges is that sometimes we are so in love with our project idea that we miss the perspective of our client. It is common among blockchain projects that technical references arise. We should always try to include our audience in the exciting insights we gain and take their point of view on our product that is building the backbone of a company. There are no wrong questions and we can always find an analogy or a way to make it fun.

Another interesting aspect we discussed were offline events, their influence on personal branding, and how you can get the most out of them. If you want to learn about the does and don'ts of crypto marketing you can't miss this episode. 


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