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We are happy to let you know that the founder of our web3 marketing agency, Katharina Zeuch, has recently launched her podcast called BLOCKTALES – Unchained Stories. This podcast is dedicated to exploring the lives of the people behind blockchain technology, delving into the reasons they chose to work in web3, the impact they're making in the industry, and the projects they're passionate about.

The podcast is co-hosted by Sarah Gottwald, the managing director of Blockchain Founders Group. Together, they will interview guests who are making waves in the web3 space and discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for women in crypto.

The BLOCKTALES podcast is available on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Youtube, and we highly recommend tuning in to gain valuable insights into the web3 space. It is an excellent opportunity for our community to understand the motivations and strategies behind the web3 projects that are shaping the future.

As a web3 marketing agency, we believe in the power of blockchain technology to transform the world, and we are excited to see our founder, Katharina, take a leading role in exploring this space and sharing the stories of those who are making a difference. So make sure to subscribe to the BLOCKTALES – Unchained Stories podcast, and follow us to stay updated on the latest developments in the web3 space.

You can find the podcast on the following platforms:

Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/blocktales-unchained-stories/id1234567890 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/blocktales 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@blocktalespodcast 


Don't miss out on the exciting conversations and industry insights on the BLOCKTALES podcast. Stay tuned for more updates from our team!


About Katharina Zeuch

Katharina Zeuch is a blockchain enthusiast passionate about creating innovations to drive blockchain adoption forward. After falling into the blockchain rabbit hole in 2017, she worked in academic blockchain research and education, before she entered the crypto marketing space. After realizing that many startups in this field were struggling with getting traction, she founded Luna Vision - a blockchain marketing agency focused solely on crypto startups. Get connected to Katharina via LinkedIn.

About Luna Vision

Luna Vision is a blockchain marketing agency with its roots in the blockchain ecosystem. We offer data-focused marketing to blockchain startups. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, we can best promote your products created and running within the blockchain ecosystem and “translate” to your customers - may they be already included in the ecosystem or still be new here.




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